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Kassenhaus24 Support & Helpdesk

Kassenhaus24 offers Support & Helpdesk as ticket system on a timely basis. Customers can book different time quotas in the variant of a prepaid system. These contingents for first-level and second-level support are booked into the customer account, after which the customer receives personal access to the Kassenhaus24 help desk. You can create subaccounts in any number.


Advantages of the prepaid system


Customers use this help desk to save money in two ways: First of all, the five-minute billing cycle is very short. Other providers calculate every half hour and sometimes even every hour. Second, Kassenhaus24 grants discounts the amount of which depends on the reserved quota. With more hours on the time account, the discount automatically increases. Customers can use their contingent indefinitely. All Sms ITS Help Desk contingents include an Emerald Service Level.


The first-level and second-level support


Kassenhaus24 has introduced a staggered support system that integrates the ticket system into the customer's in-house network. First, an IT expert of the client company receives all tickets and processes them (first-level). If this specialist is overburdened or if a very complex problem occurs, the customer's expert forwards the ticket to Kassenhaus24 (second-level). There, professionals then take care of the matter promptly. A first-level and second-level support is considered today as an innovative and workable solution with very high efficiency.


Further advantages and highlights


The undisputed benefits of the prepaid system include faster response times and the ability to call Kassenhaus24 Support & Helpdesk on weekends. This can be booked individually via the Kassenhaus24 service level. The tickets are the requests to the helpdesk system. Customers only have to register with their own e-mail address and select a password. They then create a ticket on the Kassenhaus24 website. This process is not chargeable. Paid services are only carried out on customer request. Helpdesk time books Kassenhaus24 for ticket processing. If the customer does not book a helpdesk, Kassenhaus24 will bill by service price list. A help desk hour is a 60-minute service hour. During this time, Kassenhaus24 helps the customer with problems, answers his questions for example to programs and does administrative tasks for him. Customers can view tickets, contracts and used times of their own quota in the user menu.

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