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The Citizen consumables kits make it easier for you to find the optimal labels and color ribbons for special printing applications. The packs are designed for a large variety of application areas and have label rolls and the matching thermal transfer ribbons tailored to concrete printing requirements.

Citizen offers the consumables kits for applications in the following sectors: warehousing and logistics, electronics, laboratories, the food industry and the distinction/labelling of plants. Simply choose the appropriate pack and you are ready to start. With the ready-to-use compiled kits you save time when selecting the corresponding media and color ribbons, plus you minimize the potential for mistakes when selecting incompatible materials. In the data sheet you will find all the details related to the media properties. In addition, the recommended label printer is categorized to each package, so you always are on the right side with your selection.

For the marking of documents, file folders and small boxes, as well as for address labels.

Box Pack
For marking large boxes and crates, as well as for shipping and address labels.

Pallet Pack
For GS1 and ODETTE labels, as well as for pallet, shipping crate and bulk goods labelling.

Shelf Pack
For the marking of storage racks and shelves with special reflective labels for the largest possible scanning distance.

Invent Pack
For the permanent marking of devices and fixed assets for inventory.

Secure Pack
For the permanent marking of goods with labels which, for safety reasons, cannot be entirely peeled off and applied to another spot.

Chem Pack
For the durable labelling of packages with chemical substances. Rating Pack
For the creation of information plates, circuit diagrams, informational and production labels. PCB Pack
For the marking of labels applied directly to PC boards and electronic components. Cable Pack
For the clear marking of cables and cable harnesses. Garden Pack
For the labelling of plants in garden centers, floral shops and botanical gardens.

Citizen PCB PACK, label roll, colour ribbon, resin, 8x8mm
Citizen PCB PACK, label roll, colour ribbon, resin, 8x8mm

Citizen PCB PACK, label roll, colour ribbon, resin, 8x8mm

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Citizen ribbon, black
Citizen ribbon, black

Citizen ribbon, black

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